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Somali flag A Great Day for the Somali Nation: The Birth and Union of Somalis

Today is the day a united Somali State was proclaimed that changed the course of history for all Somalis. The Birth of the Somali republic was a momentous event for all Somalis, specially those who were lift behind under colonialism. It meant that Somalis have a sovereign state among the community of nations and that the voice of all Somalis will be heard across the world. It meant that Ethiopia which had an exclusive access to international bodies and was acting against the interests of all Somalis had a new, formidable contender.

July 1, also symbolised the Unity and indivisibility of the Somali nation and the start of the emancipation of the Somali nation every where. Somalia  liberated Djibouti from French rule and bloodied and destroyed the Ethiopian elite that colonised the Somali and other Cushitic nations in the Horn of Africa. It forced Ethiopia to recognise at least in theory the right of self-determination to all peoples under its rule.

Although the Somali republic suffered and sagged under the weight of such lofty ideals, still Somalia and Somalis are a force in the Horn of Africa. Despite the current chaos and lack of leadership in Somalia and the Whole Somali community, Somalis will raise from the current fire like the great sphinx bird and shin above all in the Horn of Africa.

Beware those who dare divide the Somali nation, they don’t know Somali character. Somalis maybe busy squabbling, but they are a resilient nation that survived for millennia in the Horn of Africa amid antagonist nations and more powerful foreign invaders who always sided with the enemies of Somali people.

Somalia is for all Somalis

Happy anniversary to all Somalis world wide!

Soomaaliyay toosoo  Toosoo isku tiirsadayee

Hadba kiina taagdaranee  Taageera weliginee







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