The Ogaden People’s Rights Organisation believes that the Somali people in Ogaden and other parts of the world have a right to live in peace in a free, democratic state that respects the rights of its people; is based on the rule of law, equality, justice and the rewarding of effort; A State that takes care of the all its citizens regardless of gender, political outlook, socio-economic status or background. OPRO supports the integration Ogaden Somalis in their new countries of refuge.


OPRO is an independent advocacy , research organisation and publisher that advocates for the rights of the Somali people under Ethiopian Rule, in particular the voiceless agro-pastoralists (nomads) whose habitat and way of life is in danger and are not adequately represented genuinely in the current political and social superstructures in Ogaden and Ethiopia. OPRO  is committed to providing accurate and up to date information about the Ogaden and the Horn of African region for all interested parties. OPRO was formally founded in June 18, 2014.  OPRO will carry out its mission by:

  • Supporting Ogaden Somalis to successfully integrate and benefit themselves and the societies that have given them refuge.
  • Liaising with relevant institutions in providing guidance and adequate services to the refugee communities that are resettled in the diaspora
  • Advocating, through peaceful means, the democratic rights and human rights of  the Somali people in Ogaden through the UN s and the international community, regional and local  systems.
  • Highlighting the status of  political, economic, social, cultural and human right of  the Somali people in the Ogaden.
  • Supporting and fostering the development of a vibrant civil society, that takes an active part in the endeavour to achieve  the  democratic rights of the Somali people in Ogaden and in the diaspora.
  • Highlighting advocating the rights of women, children and other disadvantaged groups in Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia while encouraging healthy debate within the Somali community in Ogaden regarding the rights of women, children and other disadvantaged groups.
  • Advocating for the rights of agro-pastoral society (nomadic communities), who are not adequately represented and disenfranchised even within the Somali community. The agro-pastoralists who could be classed as indigenous people since they are not in the main stream politics and never get adequate services and have no say in the affairs of their land .
  • Conducting research, and documenting all aspects of the history, culture, art, governance, believes, values, economy, eco-system and way of live of the Somali people in Ogaden.
  • Supporting and fostering Ogaden intellectuals and other scholars to conduct independent research; enabling OPRO scholars to produce articles, reports, and books and hold roundtables that analyse Ogaden and the Horn of African issues and make concrete policy recommendations for achieving peace, conflict resolution and the rights of Somali people in Ogaden.
  • Liaising and cooperating with all Somali National democratic organisations, all movements and forces that believe and work toward the achievement of the rights of all  people in Ogaden, regardless of race, gender, sex, religion or political outlook
  • Providing up-to-date information and analysis about world and regional events that affect the Ogaden and people in the Horn of Africa on its website, .

Leadership and Staff

A board of directors who are elected every two years by the members of the organisation oversee the activities of the management committee of  OPRO. the Board of directors are five, two of which are women. The Management committee is composed of a director, a treasurer, a secretary and a public relations officer. Other staff may be employed. All members are volunteers. Membership is based on an individual basis. Groups may affiliate with OPRO. Ogaden Advocacy groups, Youth organisations, Women’s Organisations, student unions, traditional elders and religious scholars can affiliate with OPRO.  Affiliated groups must accept OPRO’s basic values and Goals. Only individual members can elect officers and may be elected.  International scholars may join as honorary members. OPRO board has the final decision to admit groups. Affiliated groups can contribute donations to OPRO without any conditions attached that contradicts the Ethos of OPRO or the Laws of the UK.

Legal Considerations

OPRO’s headquarters is  in the UK and is bound by the rule of England. OPRO also respects the rules of countries it operates unless those rules are against International laws, the UN charter and the universal declaration of  Human rights.


Our aim is to publish original research and reporting by our editorial team and reporters. In addition, we will endeavour to provide  diversity of opinions, analysis and commentary from as many as possible of the influential stakeholders in the Ogaden and the wider Horn of Africa. They include Somalis from Ogaden, Somalia, Ethiopian Liberation Fronts, the Ethiopian government and opposition-controlled papers, EU, North America, Middle East and African  information sources, as well as the  independent, professional news publications that report about the Horn of Africa. OPRO will label accordingly all stories from others sources.



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