Ogaden Report 2015

Ogaden Report 2015

This is a brief report about the current Human Rights and Humanitarian situation in Ogaden issued by Ogaden Peoples Rights organisation on September 23, 2015. The report is about how events are starting to resemble the catastrophe that befell the Ogaden people after the Obole incident in 2007. The Chinese are back in force and are planning to export gassed oil from the Ogaden, while credible sources are reporting that ONLF is preparing for a major show down with the Ethiopian army regarding this issue.

OPRO will keep issuing periodic reports and updates as the situation develops.


The Grand 15 Eritrean Festival in London UK

 the Grand 15 Eritrean Festival in the UK that took place on 25 -26 July 2015 at Lee Valley Leisure Complex Centre Edmonton, London United Kingdom. The Ogaden National Liberation Front high officials were among the guests of honour at the Opening Ceremony. Abdirahman Mahdi the ONLF Foreign Secretary who […]


A Great Day for the Somali Nation: The Birth and Union of Somalis

Ogaden Peoples Rights Organisation By Sa’id Wacays Today is the day a united Somali State was proclaimed that changed the course of history for all Somalis. The Birth of the Somali republic was a momentous event for all Somalis, specially those who were lift behind under colonialism. It meant that […]


An Exercise in Deceit: We won all seats! The Ethiopian regime New Ticket to Rule

By Saa’id Garasho June 22, 2015 The Ethiopian regime conducted its habitual election ritual which it conducts every five years in May 24, 2015. This election ritual is conducted for the benefit of external forces that need to justify their support for this decadent, corrupt and pariah regime. Usually an election […]


Ethiopia’s Economy : Neither a Sprint nor a Marathon

Ethiopia’s Economy : Neither a Sprint nor a Marathon

Africa’s Most Impressive Economic Managers Suffer From Excessive Caution May 30th 2015  | ADDIS ABABA Roland Marchal NOWHERE in Africa is modern China more of a lodestar than in Ethiopia, which on May 24th held an uneventful election with a predetermined outcome: another term in office for the long-standing ruling party. The […]


International Coverage of the Upcoming “Ethiopian Elections” on 24 May 2015

Editorial Today the EPRDF regime  is conducting a massive hype in Ethiopia. Millions of people are casting their ‘votes’ in order to choose a parliament for the next five years as the regime claims. Most of these millions are there not by choice, but have to perform this demeaning exercise […]


EU Parliament Discusses Situation in Ethiopia ahead of 24 May election

EU Parliament Discusses Situation in Ethiopia ahead of 24 May election

May 22, 2015 European Parliament Discusses Situation in Ethiopia ahead of 24 May Election: Is the EU Evaluating an Ambiguous Tradeoff? On 20 May 2015, the situation in Ethiopia ahead of the 24 May parliamentary election was discussed during the European Parliament’s monthly plenary session in Strasbourg. After an introductory […]


Violation of economic, social and cultural rights in Ethiopia

Statement by the Arid Lands Institute given out and read at the 56th regular session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul, Gambia, on April 26, 2015 2015-05-14, Issue 726 If the economic and human rights situation in Ethiopia is really as rosy as it is painted […]



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