Democratic rights

UNPO Welcomes the Founding of Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy

Through diplomatic, advocacy and awareness campaigns, the PAFD will foster favourable conditions for achieving a peaceful and orderly transfer of power to the peoples by engaging representatives of all the different nationalities and other stakeholders committed to genuine democracy.


Senator Paul Strauss Applies for Washington DC Admission to UNPO

Taxation without representation in Washington DC is no longer a concern only for Washington DC residents. Forty-four other nations are also adopting that battle cry!, standing by their new found cause-mates in America.


Thousands of Somalis detained in Ethiopia and Ogaden on the pretext of Security for Obama’s visit

Saturday, July 11, 2015 Reporters in Ogaden and Addis Ababa have reported that the Ethiopian security in Addis Ababa and other towns in Ethiopia are rounding thousands of Somalis regardless of being from Ogaden, Djibouti or Somalia and are detaining them, claiming that all Somalis are a threat to the […]


XII UNPO General Assembly – General Resolution

XII Session of the UNPO General Assembly General Resolution On the occasion of the XII Session of the UNPO General Assembly, the following general resolution was adopted on 4 July 20l5 in Brussels, Belgium: Preamble Expressing its solidarity with UNPO Members and other victims of oppression, violence and discrimination who […]


XI UNPO GA Adopts General Resolution and Elects New Presidency

July 8, 2015 On 4 July 2015, UNPO Members gathered at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels for the final day of the Organization’s XII General Assembly. The agenda consisted of a debate and adoption of a General Resolution aimed at guiding the work of UNPO until the next General Assembly, […]


In Pursuit of the Right to Self-Determination: UNPO Members’ Struggles Highlighted in The Economist

June 22, 2015 By UNPO An article published in this week’s [week of 22 June 2015] The Economist draws attention to the fundamental question facing many minorities across the world, including UNPO Members: why some peoples continue to be denied even their very basic human rights, whereas others eventually achieve statehood. UNPO, […]


Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory

Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory

Human Rights Watch Dispatches: Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory JUNE 23, 2015 Felix Horne Elections where a ruling party wins 100 percent of the seats in parliament should always ring alarm bells. Results in Ethiopia from the May 24 general election, released yesterday, are no exception. According to […]


Ethiopia’s election insult to the people and democracy

Ethiopia’s election insult to the people and democracy

Ethiopia’s election insult to the people and democracy By Graham Peebles 21st June 2015 Every five years the Ethiopian people are invited by the ruling party to take part in a democratic pantomime called “general elections”. Sunday 24 May saw the latest production take to the national stage. With most opposition […]


by AFP The EPRDF also won 99% of regional state councils seats. Opposition says ruling party used authoritarian tactics to guarantee victory. Prime Minister Desalegn: Relishing his party’s absolute “win”, taking even the one seat the opposition held going into the polls. (Photo/AFP). ETHIOPIA’S ruling party and its allies celebrated […]


An Exercise in Deceit: We won all seats! The Ethiopian regime New Ticket to Rule

By Saa’id Garasho June 22, 2015 The Ethiopian regime conducted its habitual election ritual which it conducts every five years in May 24, 2015. This election ritual is conducted for the benefit of external forces that need to justify their support for this decadent, corrupt and pariah regime. Usually an election […]



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