Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory

Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory

Human Rights Watch Dispatches: Alarm Bells for Ethiopia’s 100% Election Victory JUNE 23, 2015 Felix Horne Elections where a ruling party wins 100 percent of the seats in parliament should always ring alarm bells. Results in Ethiopia from the May 24 general election, released yesterday, are no exception. According to […]


Ethiopia’s May 24 Parliamentary and Regional Elections

Press Statement Marie Harf Deputy Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC May 27, 2015 The United States commends the people of Ethiopia for their civic participation in generally peaceful parliamentary and regional elections on May 24. We acknowledge the National Electoral Board’s organizational efforts and the African Union’s […]


International Coverage of the Upcoming “Ethiopian Elections” on 24 May 2015

Editorial Today the EPRDF regime  is conducting a massive hype in Ethiopia. Millions of people are casting their ‘votes’ in order to choose a parliament for the next five years as the regime claims. Most of these millions are there not by choice, but have to perform this demeaning exercise […]



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