Press Releases

Justice, Freedom and Equality for Majenger and all Nilotic People of Ethiopia

 Gambella Nilotes United Movement/Army Press Release May 22nd 2015, Gambella  “JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND EQUALITY FOR MAJENGER AND ALL NILOTIC PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA”  Gambella Nilotes United Movement (GNUM) strongly condemns the TPLF/EPRDF killings of the Mezenger people of Southwest Ethiopia. The massacre of Mezenger people has now escalated and spread to […]


Ogaden National Liberation Front, OROMO Liberation Front and Sidama Liberation Front Alliance for Peace, Democracy and the Right of Choice

Joint Statement Regarding the Fake Election in Ethiopia May 25, 2015 May 25, 2015 The Ogaden National Liberation Front, The Oromo Liberation Front and the Sidama Liberation front categorically state that the so called elections held in Ethiopia on May 24, 2015, was not an expression of the democratic will […]



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