Love, Africa: a memoir of Romance, War and Survival by Reporter Jeffrey Gettleman

By Garasho Tolmoon April 14, 2017     Jeffrey Gettleman has a written a book about his personal journey and experience of his encounter with suffering people in Africa. The Book will be launched in May and can be bought at; Barnes&Nobble, Indie Bound, and iBook. For more details […]


Ogaden Report 2015

Ogaden Report 2015

This is a brief report about the current Human Rights and Humanitarian situation in Ogaden issued by Ogaden Peoples Rights organisation on September 23, 2015. The report is about how events are starting to resemble the catastrophe that befell the Ogaden people after the Obole incident in 2007. The Chinese are back in force and are planning to export gassed oil from the Ogaden, while credible sources are reporting that ONLF is preparing for a major show down with the Ethiopian army regarding this issue.

OPRO will keep issuing periodic reports and updates as the situation develops.



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