ARashid2 Deportation of a human rights Defender by Norway to Ethiopia

Tuesday,  May 8, 2018
Mr Abdirahman Rashid Mohamed is young Somali from the Ogaden, who sought asylum in Norway after surmounting untold difficulties reaching there. The Norwegian government is planning to deport him to Ethiopia as soon as possible. He was  a young activist, who used to work in Ogaden as member the Ogaden Youth and Student Union and member of ONLF, promoting the rights of Somali people. He was a member of a group of human rights defenders who participated in highlighting the plight of the Somali people and others  in Ogaden and Ethiopia and has been part of demonstration  and cultural festival in support of his people.

He was targeted by the Ethiopian regime, while in Norway and his family are in detention. One of his brothers was killed by the Ethiopian Army. Ethiopia security routinely identifies dissidents abroad and detains their family members so that the victims can stop pursuing their rights in the “free democratic space” in Western countries.

Unfortunately, it is now very clear that those values of supporting free speech and the right to protest against oppressive regimes is being abrogated. Norway which used to pride itself as a bastion of democracy, peace and human rights and hosts the Nobel price has been lately flaunting international law regarding the right of Asylum and has reached an agreement with Ethiopia- an affirmed torturer of detainees and virulent abuser of the human rights of its peoples.

erna solberg PM2018 Deportation of a human rights Defender by Norway to EthiopiaThe Prime Minister of Norwey H.E Erna Solberg  in her speech at a seminar dedicated to celebrating the Jubilee for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Mexico City, 13 April 2018, stated that:


When the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.The aim was to make sure that the atrocities of the Second World War would never happen again.The Declaration’s 70th anniversary year is an opportunity to celebrate the progress that has been made during this period.

Erna Solberg


We respectfully ask her to apply this Nobel believe in human rights to Mr Mohamud, a young man who is under her jurisdiction today and whose future depends on how Norway takes seriously its commitment to uphold what the Prime Minister believes is right and the rule of the land and the people of Norway support.

We call upon all human rights defenders and all people with conscience to stand for Mr Mohamud and support him by asking the prime minster to take action against the violation of the human rights of this young man.  We also Kindly request that the petition of link be signed.


OPRO Human rights division

Petition for Mr Abdirahman Rashid Mohamud at Avaas.





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