A short documentary by Graham Peebles, an independent Journalist who visited the Refugee camps in Kenya and interviewed victims  of Ethiopian government human rights violations in Ogaden. He documents the Hidden Shame behind Ethiopian iron curtain in Ogaden

Mr. Graham Peebles is director of the Create Trust. He can be reached at: graham@thecreatetrust.org.  Some of his articles from Dadaab can be found at mwcnews.net.

In this documentary, Mr Graham Peebles interviews three women who have been subjected to torture,  dehumanisation and other unspeakable atrocities.

The Ogaden is under media, aid and trade embargo and it is very hard for journalists and human rights organisations to visit or operate there. Brave acts by journalists such as Mr Graham Peebles, J Persson, Martin Schibbye, Jeffrey Gettlemen and Jonathan Alpire has exposed the hidden Genocide that is being committed in Ogaden.

More than 30% of women in Ogaden have been raped where thousands are in detentions and many have either disappeared or extra-judicially killed.

The Ethiopian government has very strong friends and strong international lobby and spends millions in keeping the horrendous stories in Ogaden hidden. The few Ogaden human rights defenders are overwhelmed by the powerful lobby of Ethiopia, however, the stories of the Ogaden pogrom keep popping up here and there through the valorous  endeavours of few conscientious journalists and principled human rights advocacy groups .

Injustice can never be hidden forever.

source: Ogaden: Ethiopia’s Hidden Shame

copyright: Graham Peebles



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